GDX looks good here

Some of the most popular posters on Stocktwits seem to do little more than draw a simple trend line and say something like: “GDX looks good here” or “HAL looks good” or “SPY looks ready to move” and there are like 5 likes and 350 views and it’s just the most stupid inane shit I have ever seen in my life.  And these folks have like 862 followers and I just wonder what the deal is.

Everyone looks smart in bull markets as long as you are bullish, but how about something original please? There is no award for originality or going against the grain right now. If you are not a raging bull you are shunned like a leper.

Even my charts only get a tepid response compared to individuals that don’t seem to say much or offer anything new at all.

My conclusion is that the average person out there is enamored with success, with confidence and with a narrative that is inspiring and uplifting. Most do not want to wallow in the gutter with Bowery bums, or spend a week with a career criminal, or heaven forbid a bear in the markets.

It is the same reason the overall bias for stocks is to the upside and most investors and traders (including some of the most intelligent individuals that I have come to know in the investing community) are dyed in the wool bulls. Some never short stocks and would not consider it, even in a crushing bear market for the Dow.

Come to think of it, if things had progressed differently in life for me over the past few years I probably would be more in that camp as well. Why spend precious time in life dwelling in negativity?

One of my followers on Stocktwits this week suggested a book for me to read that focuses on the power of positive thinking as a guiding force in changing one’s life and fortunes. I believe there is merit to this overarching philosophy, so I ordered it yesterday and will be reading it soon. I’ll let you know my thoughts once I have a chance.

Going forward, I will give an honest effort not to dwell in negatives excessively since part of my growth will come from putting my past behind me.

I still feel passionately that some of the stories I have to tell, while seemingly depressing or negative can be used as a positive for somebody to learn from without having to endure my hardships. Just don’t expect Price is Truth to all of a sudden turn into sunshine and unicorns and rainbows because that is not me.

Last week I had a little bit of a pity party for myself about taking the CMG short into earnings and passing on the GOOG short that I felt I had an edge on. There was even a commenter that felt that what was missing from my post was an explanation of WHY I had forgone the trade with an edge, and instead went with one that had none.

He brought up a valid point and comment (and by the way I would love to get more comments and feedback.

If there are others out there who can relate to my experiences in some ways, or who have their own stories or perspectives that they would be willing to tell, I WOULD WELCOME HEARING FROM YOU in the comments section (or you can contact me privately via my email as well – see my bio).

Nothing would make me feel better about my efforts than creating a community of individuals that support each other. My goal with this blog is to find ways to overcome barriers to personal success and learn effective ways to harness the incredible powers of the Universe.

OK, enough of that – I have a feel good story coming up next. I’ll try to post it tonight. It involves the same stocks from last week GOOG and CMG and it was one of the best trading days of my life. Stay tuned…

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I love feedback and interaction, any thoughts?

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