This is just a real quick one here. I wanted to show you a chart that somebody on TradingView posted that I thought was pretty cool. The members name is  mantasg to give full credit. This chart is of the Australian Dollar / US Dollar forex cross and is a five minute chart.

The author has made the actual price invisible and instead has put the moving averages in a regular interval to create this ribbon or almost 3/D image of price action.

The first thing that I notice is how much this looks like “space/time fabric” or something sci-fi like that. It looks less like a price chart than an image or some mapping software.

wave energy in price movement

wave energy in price movement

The reason I like charts like this one is they show you the hidden energy behind price movement. Charts like these prove that the stock market is a waveform energy like everything in the Universe.

I have studied the intricacies of price at a granular level over the last 4 years and what you are seeing here is part of the “truth” of the market and of price, that I have come to know. There are interplays that factor into price movement and you can see plainly how areas that were prior resistance zones then create clusters of moving average support.

Also you can see the way the ma’s cluster and bunch together when they are getting ready to make a large move or change direction from an downtrend to an uptrend in this example.

Think of it like a steamship that needs to turn around. Such a large mass can not be forced to shift direction on a dime but needs instead to slow down and gather itself  before orchestrating the maneuver.

What other observations can YOU make by studying this chart?

Thoughts, comments or observations about this subject, or anything else are certainly welcome in the comment section below or you can email me as well. I want to keep the topics varied here so I hope that if one day it’s not your cup of tea that you will try again another day.

This one is a bit geeky I admit but thanks for humoring me.
Cheers, MP

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