Devils Snare

Devils Snare

You use your feminine wiles.

Sticky honey to snare, 

knowing full well the power.


Why do you choose to torment, 

to torture me so?


Never a direct acknowledgement of my presence

yet always alluding.

What laws of nature prevent basic human kindness?

Preclude a gentle interaction?


A mere touch here and there is all I long for.

Just to know you think of me.

Why must I always make the first move?


Slavery to my emotion

dictates that no matter the consequence

I must trap myself time and again

in your devils snare.


Will you not take pity this time

and release me?

Free me to spread my wings

in soaring flight.


We can glide together 

on the warm upwellings.

Effortless, peaceful, graceful.

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2 thoughts on “Devils Snare

  1. Jonna Verdandi says:

    I think you put what many feel into words…beautifully.

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