Mexicali Blues

My flight leaves Thursday morning for Mexico. That leaves me plenty of time to pack a few pairs of shorts and some t-shirts. I really need to use this trip to get my head back in order.

Today feels lighter, and I am going to seize that energy and try to bottle it up to buoy myself and move forward. No use in dwelling in the shadows longer than necessary. Things get heavy all on their own, if I make it worse it just compounds and magnifies.

So a little sun therapy will do my soul good. I will be off the grid as well, which could be coming at a beneficial time for me. It’s likely that I will not have any meaningful access to the internet for five or six days and that may be a blessing. Funny how sometimes the Universe provides just the medicine that is needed at just the right time.

The last few trips have been hard to get that excited about. Something about my unemployment makes me feel slightly guilty about taking more time doing nothing. Also I will be off my exercise schedule and that can mess with my inner peace a bit too. All that said, I will do my best to embrace the experience and be truly grateful for the opportunity. I am blessed with so much to be thankful for and I need to remind myself of this at times.

When I return, things will get a bit challenging though. In-laws are staying with us in our cramped flat and they have kids. Did I mention that I am an introvert? Fun times. I’ll manage, but between the lack of my Twitter security blanket, the travel, and the house guests I can imagine there could be a few interesting days ahead of me mentally.

I’ll check back in before I leave (probably several times…), but for now enjoy the day and here’s a live version of Mexicali Blues by the Grateful Dead from 3-16-73 :


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