Ode To The Fish Taco

As I sit in the airport in Ixtapa waiting for the first leg of my journey back home to the states I reflect on my love for Mexican food in general and fish tacos in particular.

How can there be anything greater than a fish taco? After all it is bite sized, healthy and delicious.

I humbly submit the following  ode to the fish taco:

Oh happy day.
“For why?”, you say.
But the reason is clear,
as before me my dear
are a wonderful plate
of fish tacos with a date
to be eaten poste haste,
with a smile on my face.

Do not shed a tear,
I will down them with beer.
And when I am done,
I will verily run
back to the grill
for another plate to fill.

You must realize
that you don’t need fries
as a complement to
fish tacos and brew.
They would just, as they say
get right in the way.

When hunger comes to call
and the sun starts to fall.
You know where to go.
Don’t walk, that is too slow.

Fish tacos and beer
is a meal you cannot fear.
To be truthful they are
my favorite by far!

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6 thoughts on “Ode To The Fish Taco

  1. LOVE IT…So on-board with this, Maxx! Welcome home, homie πŸ™‚

  2. Truly, one of the most missed facets of living in SoCal. I have long since gone through total withdrawl. Your ode rekindled my desire and stimulated my salivary glands. Thanks! I think.

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