Introvert Celebration Inside My Head

While I sip my coffee I would love you all to read this brief post that says a lot about how I feel as an introvert. Cheers!

61 Musings

Artwork by yoko furusho Artwork by yoko furusho

It’s late Saturday afternoon.  The rains and high winds have stopped, at least for the moment, and the sun is shining through patchy clouds.  I’m listening to music online, exploring some new singers.  I still like folk and folk rock, hangovers from my youth filled with Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, and so many others.  Voices of change, all of them.  Quietly introspective, seeing a bigger picture of a better world.

Why do I love being an introvert?  Because I think.  I think a lot.  My mind is a fascinating place full of so many things.  My interests are varied.  I explore everything.  I take time to stop, listen and understand the fullness of life.  I’m a philosopher.  The world is a beautiful place to me, filled with possibilities.

I can bring tremendous focus to anything I have an interest…

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I love feedback and interaction, any thoughts?

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