Sorrow So

Since I have been a bit busy of late without too much opportunity to post regularly I have reblogged a selection from Kendra Ballasteros’ blog. She is a gifted poet who deserves a try if you have not read her words. You can also find her eloquent poetry on Twitter:

Cheers! MP

Kendra Lynn

So I let the sorrow
set in like a sharp,
pointed arrow. I wallowed
in it & swam in my own
tears. I felt the crush of
a thousand worrisome
thoughts & sat in them
for some time. They’re mine.
Opening the door meant this too
must enter – in order for the release.
Palpable shadows as I led myself
to the gallows. Giving it away I can only pray. But a funny thing happened as my reality crashed in. The sorrow brushed my cheek for but a moment
and left again.

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2 thoughts on “Sorrow So

  1. Jonna Verdandi says:

    Beautifully described indeed….

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