Living Dead



Where do my emotions go when I bury them?

The absence of feeling in me is the most painful of all.

Yearning for the hot blast of alive.


The Machine does not allow for variance.

Slotted, herded, controlled, cajoled.

Led to willful slaughter like so many sheep.


Mind numbing diversions distract attention.

Controlled monotony of dreary lives.

Corporatocracy is supersized.


Teleport through dimension and time.

Find the place where the quiet mind

can truly hear the wind.


Shed your soul of the extra layers.

Travel lightly on your journey.

Every step filled with intention.

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2 thoughts on “Living Dead

  1. Nice, Maxx. I’m working with/through your “teleport” word choice. Perhaps. it’s simply semantics. Love the final two lines. It can be and is that simple. 🙂

  2. MaxxPayme says:

    Thanks Eric. Think of that line like a call to meditation or any other method of shifting states of consciousness. By striving for a lifted mindset there is a chance to get beyond the mundane and get to a lighter state of being.

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