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Sum is Greater


Lives interwoven


We are all separate but


Greater than ourselves

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Impressions of Her

Impressions of Her

Impressions of her

indelibly painted,

sweeping expanding images.


Savoring the time

never knowing.

Grace comes and goes.


Could a dream

be what I saw?

How can I know for certain?


With every shared whisper,

every exchanged glance,

her essence gains gravity.


Until she appears

before me.

As if by my side

for eternity.



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Weekend Micropoetry

Here’s a sampling of some of my recent Micropoetry Tweets. Micropoetry by definition is limited to 140 characters or less when using Twitter so it can be a bit of a challenge to get your message across at times.

Many of these were submitted with the hashtag #Heartsoup where a daily phrase or word is chosen to be integrated into the poem. This keeps it interesting and fresh for the various poets, challenging them to find ways to include the phrase within their words. Give it a shot if you like to write poetry and have a Twitter account, it’s fun and the community is always supportive with stars for your efforts.

If you wish to follow my Twitter account, my handle is @MaxxPayme. I hope to see some of you there.


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