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The Lonely Blossom


Heart filled with stillness

heavy air sinking slowly

to collect as dew


Quiet overtakes

with no need to speak my mind

hushed shadows drifting


Creamy white richness

stretching on towards the heavens

in a yogic pose


Perfect proportion

a direct testament to

nature’s harmony


The lonely blossom

reflects its peace on the pond

content to just be


Love’s bounty ripples

outwards with tranquility

a serene blessing

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Music of Angels


The morning stillness
a blank canvas
to leave an imprint.

Unexplored wonders
yet to be revealed
through dawns amber hue.

Delicate petals unfurled
turn slowly towards
the warmth of light.

Music of Angels
elegantly composed
on silver lyre strings.

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These Are The Times


Shimmering radiance
of full moons glow.

Never more alive than
those moments when

I peel back the layers
of rote habit.

Prodding my inner core,
allowed to feel

my real emotions.
Not protected but

at least I am not dulled.
These are the times

that I feel connected,

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A Silence So Loud it Hurts


Grey mist replaces what once was bright.

A Silence So Loud It Hurts

A silence so loud it hurts.
Bottomless depths,
absence of light.

Drawing all feeling towards you.
Black hole gravity pull
will never relent.

What will be left when I am gone?
Echoes of us
shadows of love.

Colors drain from the picture.
Grey mists replace
what once was bright.

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In The Arms Of Mother


Held closely
in the arms of mother nature.
Her watchful gaze,
like a warm embrace that surrounds me.

Nothing bad
can happen here, you at my side.
Constant presence
guides me, providing gentle comfort.

Blowing breeze
swirling up through the canyon walls.
Calling to me
with the beautiful song of your love.

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Hidden Treasures

hidden treasures

hidden treasures


Hidden Treasures

What you keep

hidden away from view

is the summation

of all that is beautiful

in you.


Your special smile

and what you do,

a beauty that lies below

that precious few knew.


Poise and warmth

a glance askew

make me feel cheerful

as seldom do.


On this day

you must not be blue.

Warm greetings and hugs,

happy birthday to you!


I promised my co-worker who is one of those “talk about my birthday for months before it comes” types that I would give her a special gift on her birthday. Well, this is the best I could do, hope you like it!

Happy Birthday Mercedes.

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A San Francisco View to Remember


Shot of Golden Gate Bridge as seen from across Fulton Street

This picture of the Golden Gate Bridge was captured while I was out on a long walk last week.

What makes this picture interesting is that it was taken from across a major thorofare and this little sliver of a view would normally not even be noticed or appreciated if you were in your car driving.

There were many other great pictures from this walk that I may put together for another post but enjoy this slice of San Francisco for now.

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image courtesy of whowillyouserve.blogspot.com

Rudderless and adrift

victim to the whims of current and tide.


Imminently threatened

to be dashed against jagged cliffs.


You are my beacon, 

Guiding me homeward to calm waters.


Without your hand I am a lost soul.

No sextant to chart direction in a starless sky.


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Even under less than ideal circumstances

nature finds ways to push on,

to thrive.

There is a great lesson for each of us in this simple observation.

Instead of telling yourself

why you cannot possibly succeed,


you should be telling yourself

that if you persist long enough

there is no possible way you can fail.

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Live Oak


Live Oak

Arms outstretched as if in prayer

tendrils intertwine in delightful chaos.

We have grown wise and old through the years

like the live oak by the river.

Remember how we used to picnic

‘neath her canopy in the summertime

and make love in the evening gloaming protected from view.

The quiet sentinel always willing to keep our secret.

Head resting in your lap as you absentmindedly

ran delicate fingers through my hair.

Feelings of freedom and security, wind rustled leaves

entranced us with hypnotic rhythms.

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Shadow and light

Shadow and light

Shadow and light

On a recent day this week that took me to the Union Square area of San Francisco I took some photos that interested me. Mostly of architecture since I am fascinated by the craftsmanship that was used in prior decades. It is somewhat of a sad testimony to witness what was once art melding with function whereas now buildings are rarely more than steel, glass and plastic.

Detail of a medical building in downtown San Francisco

Detail of a medical building in downtown San Francisco

The above photograph illustrates my point. This was taken outside of a medical building and as you can see an artisan created a statement of intent that functioned both as art and as a sort of advertisement of what could be found inside. Form and function.

They don't build them like this anymore.

They don’t build them like this anymore.

Why do I long for the older style of architecture over the impersonal boxes of modern design? Perhaps it is a bit of romanticism. I will acknowledge that many of these old buildings are in dire need of modernizing on the inside. However to these eyes, the style and artistry exhibited by these grand old dames has a timeless quality that I find very hard to find fault with. What do you think?

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Views From The Street – S.F Mission District

Lucha Libre

Mexican wrestling masks on display in the Mission.

One of the great joys of living in a major metropolitan city are the varieties and flavors that can be sampled just from hanging out in different neighborhoods. Where I live out by the beach, there are many great trails and views of natural beauty, flora and fauna that continually amaze me and make me thankful for the lovely city I call my home.

However, just a short Muni ride from my flat brings me to whole new worlds with unique energy and their own set of values that make them special. Yesterday I found myself in San Francisco’s Mission District getting my brakes worked on and needed to kill a few hours. Besides enjoying a great lunch at at a lovely neighborhood cafe I shot a few photos of some of the street art and scenes that surrounded me.

Hearts with wings

Hearts with wings

The Mission  is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, but it’s history is firmly rooted in the Hispanic culture and street murals and street art abound that reflect those roots. It is amazing how many walls, buildings, parking lots and alley ways are lovingly painted. Worth noting is that these murals are never scarred by graffiti – there is honor on the street and graffiti artists respect the work of the muralists and vice versa.

Ave Maria

Ave Maria

Many of the murals have religious undertones and somehow that seems natural and right within this area. The Catholic church is a large part of the Mexican culture and so it makes sense that religion would figure prominently in these works.


All of these photographs were taken within a four block radius and there were many more murals and examples of street art that I did not shoot or that came out even worse than these pictures. (my phone is old and the camera sucks. Looking to update very soon so expect an improvement in the photo quality on my pictures soon)

The area is absolutely teeming with great subject matter. Perhaps I will head back to the Mission District soon to see what else I can capture with my lens. For now, I hope that you enjoy this glimpse. Enjoy the weekend!

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